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There is a Zen temple called Koshoji, located near Kuramaguchi Station in Kyoto, Japan. This temple is not a typical tourist sightseeing spot. There is even a signboard saying “no sightseeing” to discourage tourists from just going in to have a look around. Then why is it still an interesting place to visit? If you are serious about attending a zazen meditation session, this is one place where you can do this.

zen temple in Kyoto

My Zen Experience

It was an early morning, as the meditation session starts at 6 am every day. Participating is free of charge. After entering the temple, I was ushered to a spacious hall where thick quilt cushions were lined up facing the garden. Some people were already sitting, and I chose my place with a comfortable-looking cushion to sit on for a while and a fine view of the garden. Although I experienced zazen a couple of times before, I’ve never done it this early in the morning. The fresh and cool air, not a sound heard except for birds’ chirping, the smell of incense; every element made it a very special experience.

noddle shop
Noodles at Zen temple

However, this was not all. Unlike the zazen practice in other temples, this Koshoji temple asks participants to help with the voluntary clean-up after the session. The chief monk, who was the only monk working at that moment, said performing zazen is not only the practice of meditation; the clean-up is also a part of Zen practice. All participants stepped out to the garden with a broom. Whether the activity was collecting fallen leaves or weeding the moss bed, it was a truly refreshing time. I felt that it was easier to empty my mind during the chores rather than during meditation.

After working for one hour, we were treated with rice porridge and miso soup for breakfast, which was all prepared by the monk and very delicious. I felt like I got close to the temple, and I was fascinated by the charm of Zen, zazen, and the honest meal afterward.

Your Japan Tour

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