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Namba (or Nanba) is located in a district called ‘Minami’ (south in Japanese) as this area is located in the southern part of Osaka. It is a known entertainment district full of colors, restaurants, neon screens, shops, and places to enjoy, and it becomes especially fun at night. In this travel guide, we listed the areas in Namba you should see when you visit!



Shinsaibashi is located around Mido-suji Boulevard. And this is where you can find all kinds of stores from big international brands to small local stores. Moreover, Shinsaibashi boasts Osaka’s most famous shotengai. This is a covered street that functions as a commercial gallery for the neighborhood.

Namba Parks

Shopping mall Namba Parks is not just a regular commercial center. It is designed to be a calming natural area featuring many natural elements like plants, trees, waterfalls, ponds, and streams. Its rooftop area is a wonderful oasis of green among the concrete jungle. The shops are mainly geared towards a younger audience, and you can find plenty of restaurants serving international cuisine here.

Doguyasuji Arcade

If you missed visiting Kappabashi in Tokyo, fret not, as you will have another chance in Osaka. Doguyasuji Arcade is a shopping street lined with shops that are specialized in all kinds of kitchenware. No matter what you are looking for pertaining to home cooking, you can find it in Doguyasuji Arcade. Takoyaki makers, knives, all kinds of chopsticks, utensils you might have never seen before. But also lacquerware, pots, and pans, it is all there. You can also see the famous plastic food examples used by restaurants, as well as take Japanese cooking classes.


Dotonburi is a busy and colorful district that has been the entertainment area of ​​Osaka for centuries. It takes its name from the Tombori River. You will be delighted with its neon lights, streets with giant signs, the historic Shochikuza Theater, home of the traditional kabuki theater (Japanese classical theater), the Yasaka Buddhist Temple where you will find Mizukake Fudo, Buddha statue ‘Ofudo-san’ which is covered with moss and, the Hozenji Temple, the only monument in the area belonging to the Edo era.

And if you like Japanese beer, you should not miss Dotonburi Beer, the only Craft Brewery from this area.

Den Den Town

If you want to buy electronics or are a fan of anime, Den Den Town is Osaka’s answer to Tokyo neighborhood Akihabara where you can find cameras, computers, electronics, anime collections, your favorite manga, play video games in a game room, shops specialized in cosplay and maid cafés.

Kuromon Market

Kuromon Market is a covered shopping street that stretches for more than half a kilometer and has about 150 stores and restaurants that sell fresh seafood (including fugu, the poisoned blowfish, in the winter), sushi, and fresh seafood skewers that you can taste while walking. This market is a must-visit for seafood lovers.

Soemoncho Area

You might have seen pictures of Soemoncho before, as the Donki store in this area is a favorite vantage point for tourists. Soemoncho is called ‘Osaka’s night center’, as many stores are open until midnight. Countless restaurants, smaller bars, private bars, lounges, and karaoke venues line the streets of this historic entertainment district, which comes alive after dark.

Tennoji Area

The Tennoji area used to be known as one of the roughest parts of town. Ever since the 300-meter high Abeno Hakuras tower was opened in 2014, the area suddenly became hip and happening, and the whole place has gotten a bit of a make-over. Luckily they didn’t tear everything down, and you can still experience some retro-atmosphere in Tennoji. At its heart, you will find Shinsekai, an area that warrants having its own article.

The Shitennoji temple is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan and worth a visit, even though its buildings are recent concrete reconstructions.

Namba in Osaka is an interesting, super fun, and lively place that is worth visiting!

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