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It is 2021 and we still can’t travel anywhere because of the pandemic. So instead let’s enjoy this virtual Tokyo virtual tour and start looking forward to the time when traveling becomes possible again!

A Virtual Tour of Imperial Palace Plaza

One of the most important visits on the journey through the metropolis of Tokyo is the imposing Imperial Palace. Near the newly renovated Tokyo station, walking directly you can see the first buildings that make up the palace

A Virtual Tour of Harajuku

Harajuku is one of the main points where the particular fashion style of Japanese young people comes together to form a wonderful area full of colorful places.

Gundam statue at Odaiba

On the futuristic island of Tokyo, Odaiba, in front of the modern “DiverCity” shopping center, is the life-size statue of one of the most iconic characters in Japanese animation, the giant robot “Gundam”.


For fans of Japanese animation such as anime and manga, Akihabara has become a kind of sacred place since in the whole area you can get thousands of titles and a wide variety of collectible figures as well as other types of objects made for the general “Otaku”.


Shinjuku is known for its impressive streets full of neon signs. Throughout the territory, there is a wide variety of international cuisine and hundreds of department stores ranging from clothing stores to high-tech devices/p>

A Virtual Tour of Shibuya

One of the most famous areas in all of Tokyo is Shibuya. This bustling district was founded in March 1947. Nowadays, the construction of high-rise buildings for shopping malls is still going on. Shibuya’s newest addition is Shibuya Scramble Square, whose highest floor offers superb views of the city.


The ONE PIECE tower was located on the 3rd floor of the Tokyo Tower. It has delighted fans for 5 years, but it has unfortunately closed its doors in July 2020. Thankfully, you can still enjoy the ONE PIECE Tower on our virtual tour.

Your Japan Tour

If you haven’t been to Japan yet, a trip to this amazing country should definitely be on your bucket list for countries to visit after the pandemic ends! As seasoned Japan experts, we can help you create your perfect Japan tour. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable holiday to this fascinating country full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, culture, history, nature, and delicious food!

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