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Have you already finished the beginners‘ course of travel in Kyoto and traveled around the many touristy spots? Then it is time to explore the daily lives of the locals in a local neighborhood! And one of the areas we recommend for just that is the Murasakino area in the northwest of Kyoto city.

Sento in a local neighborhood in Kyoto, Japan

Local Neighborhood Atmosphere

The neighborhood of Murasakino is always quiet and peaceful. It is a very good area to spend a few hours walking around with the locals. One of the best parts of this area is that there are many old specialty artisanal shops. Good examples are a fish shop, a tofu shop, a Japanese pickles shop, and some traditional sweets shops. Being a native of Kyoto, it makes me feel nostalgic. Going here takes me back to the time when I was taken grocery shopping by my grandma in my childhood.

There is a small tea shop run by an old man, who is soft-spoken with gentle manners and always welcomes us, offering a chair for a chat. Crammed with a lot of goods and old wooden stock boxes of tea, there is little space to sit but his talk is always interesting and it comes with a delicious cup of tea served with true hospitality.

Traditional Bathhouse

In the evening, after having dinner in the neighborhood, it is a good time to relax and visit a nearby public bathhouse called ‘sento‘ in Japanese. Funaoka Onsen is always crowded with local people and a few foreign tourists. Taking pictures prohibited so I cannot show you what the inside looks like. But it has a very traditional style bathing area with beautiful and unique decorations. It’s worth trying!

After being refreshed by the sento, a glass of cold beer is waiting for you at a dining bar called Yakumo Shokudo across the street. It will be the perfect close to a perfect local day!

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Murasakino Area Map

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