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Kurashiki takes you back in time to Japan’s Feudal Era

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Kurashiki is a medium-sized city near Okayama City, which is located between Osaka and Hiroshima. If you want to step back into the feudal era of Japan, you will love this artsy town! Find out what you can expect of a visit to Kurashiki.

Kurashiki boat ride

History of Kurashiki

Because of its central location, Kurashiki used to be a center for rice distribution during the Edo period. The Ohashi River runs through the center of Kurashiki, and a network of canals and rivers makes it a city of water. These canals were dug to expedite the transportation of rice to and from the storehouses on the quays. In fact, the name Kurashiki literally means ‘town of storehouses’.

During the industrialization period of the Meiji Restoration that followed, many factories were constructed here. The Ohara Spinning Mill became Ivy Square, a popular tourist attraction.

Attractions in Kurashiki

The Ohara Museum of Art boasts worldwide famous collections including pieces by El Greco, Gauguin, and Monet. It is the first museum of western art in Japan, attracting a constant stream of visitors from both home and abroad. The earlier-mentioned Ivy Square is right next to the museum and a must-see.

Are you looking for a short hike with a view of the Seto Ohashi bridge on top of the mountain? Mt. Washu will give you just that.

In the Bikan Chiku historical area, two small boats are always combing the river where, during the daytime, visitors can enjoy a view of the riverbanks while experiencing a gondola-style boat ride. With many small museums and Important Cultural Properties concentrated in this area, this is the highlight of the city. Furthermore, many of the old storehouses have been converted to boutiques and cafes.

When it gets dark, the streets are gently enveloped by soft illumination, making the area enjoyable at night time as well. The Bikan Chiku area is growing as one of the greatest tourist spots in the prefecture, a unique cultural city in Japan.

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