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Okayama prefecture in the southwestern part of Japan’s main island might not be a typical destination for international tourists. It does have plenty to offer in terms of nature and history though. The most famous sight in the area is the Koraku-en, which is one of the three most beautiful Japanese landscape gardens in Japan. This travel guide will help you find other places to visit in Okayama!

Kurashiki is a historic city located in western Okayama Prefecture. The old merchant quarter contains many fine examples of 17th-century wooden warehouses painted white with traditional black tiles. There is a Japanese castle in Okayama, and art island Inujima.

  • Okayama


    Besides the famous Okayama Korakuen garden and the reconstructed castle, there are some great museums and a nice bicycle opportunity nearby. Find out what there is to do in Okayama!

  • Kurashiki


    The preserved canal town of Kurashiki is a great place to visit if you want to be transported back in history. But there is more to do in this town, find out where to go!

  • Great Seto Bridge (Seto Ohashi)

    Great Seto Bridge (Seto Ohashi)

    The Great Seto Bridge links the islands of Honshu and Shikoku. It is one of the largest bridges in the world, and even visible from space! There are some points of interest near the bridge.