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Imamiya Ebisu shrine (colloquially called “Ebessan”) is the most famous among the small shrines of Osaka. It is located in the centrally located Naniwa district. This Shinto sanctuary, as its name says, is dedicated to God Ebisu, God of fishermen and commerce. Ebisu is one of the 7 gods of fortune. Statues of Ebisu are characterized by their great smiles. Ebisu always appears with a fishing rod in the right hand and a net in the left.

Outline of Imamiya Ebisu

This sacred enclosure was founded in the year 600 by the order of Prince Shotoku. Its purpose is driving away evil spirits that, as was believed, tend to come from the western direction of the Shitenno temple. Over the years and with the growth of Osaka as a city, this sanctuary became a place of great devotion. All those who want to pray for business-related luck.

Many visit the sanctuary between January 9 to 11, especially the day of Toka Ebisu (celebrated on January 10th) which is when a great festival is held that brings together one million spectators annually. During the Toka Ebisu Festival, people buy sacred bamboo branches decorated with objects of luck in the hope of successful business relations in the year to come.

During the year there are activities for the recreation of children, placing small slides and pools of water in the sanctuary, symbolizing God Ebisu and its proximity to the town. It should be noted that in front of the Hoden there are several pots with small plants and the entire floor of the enclosure is covered by small stones, symbolizing the importance of nature in the Shinto religion.



From Daikokucho (Osaka Metro), Ebisucho (Osaka Metro / Hankai Line), Imamiya Ebisu (Nankai Koya Line) or Shin-Imamiya (JR Line) station

Free Entrance

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Imamiya Ebisu Shrine Area Map

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