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Yufuin is an onsen town located near the famous hot spring city Beppu in Kyushu. People travel from far to come to Yufuin to enjoy the tranquil scenery, natural outdoor hot springs, beautiful ryokan accommodations, and several art museums. Yufuin also has some very pretty streets in the fairytale-like Yufuin Floral Village and Edo-style Yunotsubo Street. There is a Folk Craft Village where you can find old houses. There are breweries and you can see how artisans make their products like washi paper, pottery, and indigo dyeing.

travel guide of Yufuin, Kyushu, Japan

Fans of Studio Ghibli will love the Donguri no Mori Yufuin Store where they can find all kinds of trinkets related to the famous animated movies. Lake Kinrin is another must-see, as there are streams from natural hot springs that end in this lake. This makes it a place where thick fogs appear easily giving the lake a very mysterious aura.

As Yufuin is only a small village, most people spend around half a day here, or a full day if they also want to visit the onsen area.

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