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Before you travel to Japan for the first time, you may want to remember a few useful Japanese phrases to make your trip even more smooth and enjoyable. Here are some simple words and phrases that are worth knowing.

Japanese Greetings

Ohayo Gozaimasu: Good morning.

Konnichiwa: Hello.

Konbanwa: Good evening (greeting).

Oyasuminasai: Good evening (farewell).

Hajimemashite: Nice to meet you.

Watashi wa (name) desu: My name is (name).

For travel to Japan like these people did, it is a good idea to study some useful Japanese phrases first

Japanese for Shops/Restaurants

Sumimasen: Excuse me. It is a formal apology, and it is also said as the first word to say before
asking for a favor. Example: Sumimasen (excuse me), Otearai wa doko desu ka (where is the
bathroom?). You can also use it to call for someone’s attention.

Onegaii shimasu: Please.

Kekko desu: No, thanks.

Ikura desu ka: How much does it cost?

Arigato Gozaimasu: Thank you very much.

Doitashimashite: You are welcome.

Tasukete kuremasen ka: Could you help me?

(drink name) kudasai: (drink name) please. Example: Omizu (water) kudasai (please).

Itadakimasu: Thank you for the food (it is said before eating).

Gochiso sama deshita: Thanks for the food. It was delicious. (It is said after eating)


Yes: Hai.

No: Iie.

Nihongo ga wakarimasen: I do not understand Japanese.

Eigo de onegaii shimasu: Please speak in English.

(name of the place) wa doko desu ka: Where is (name of the place)?

(name of the country) kara kimashita: I came from (name of the country).

Onaka ga suita: I am hungry.

Nodo ga kawaita: I am thirsty.

Gomennasai: Sorry. Forgive me.

(name of a person, object or place) ga suki desu: I like (name of a person, object, or place).

Dame desu: I can not. I do not want to. I do not like it. Negative.

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