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Time Difference with Japan

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Japan is called ‘the land of the rising sun’ for a reason, as it is one of the first countries in the world to start the day. This means that most travelers will ‘lose’ time when they travel to Japan, and ‘gain’ time when they travel back. Traveling from the West Coast of the US to Japan is a bit different, as you will cross the dateline when you travel via the Pacific Ocean, meaning you will ‘lose’ a day when you travel to Japan, and ‘gain’ it back when you return. What is the time difference between your country and Japan?

Time difference with Japan

Time Difference of Japan with Different Countries

Here is a list of the time differences of other countries with Japan with most of the time zones in the world represented:

Middle and South America

Mexico: Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of Mexico.

Argentina: Tokyo is 12 hours ahead of Argentina

Colombia: Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of Colombia.

Peru: Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of Peru.

Venezuela: Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of Venezuela.

Uruguay: Tokyo is 12 hours ahead of Uruguay.

Chile: Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of Chile.

Ecuador: Tokyo is 14 hours ahead of Ecuador.

North America

United States: Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of the US UU.

Canada: Tokyo is 13 hours ahead of Canada.


Italy: Tokyo is 7 hours ahead of Italy.

France: Tokyo is 7 hours ahead of France.

Greece: Tokyo is 6 hours ahead of Greece.

England: Tokyo is 8 hours ahead of England.

Please note that the time differences listed above are based on summertime. For countries that do daylight saving time, you need to add one extra hour of time difference during wintertime.

If you want to adapt quickly to the Japan time after you land, it is recommended to either take a flight that lands a bit later in the afternoon or early in the evening and go to bed around 9 pm local time, or to take a nap of at most 1.5 hours if you land early in the morning or afternoon and then go to bed around 8 pm local time. It is also wise to take in some sunlight during your first days here, as that will reset your biological clock to the local time.

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