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Panasonic Center Odaiba | Facilities for children and adults

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If you are looking for something cheap and fun to do with your family in Tokyo, the Panasonic Center in Odaiba is a great place to go. Also called RiSuPia, kids and adults alike will have a blast exploring Panasonic’s newest innovations.

Innovative Products

At Panasonic Center Tokyo (RiSuPia) near Odaiba that was set up by the Matsushita group, visitors can learn about Panasonic’s vision. There are two aims they are most committed to; the network society and peaceful coexistence with the environment. The Center is a place of exchange where the visitor can learn what new products Panasonic has in store for us in the near future. Also, the visitor can let Panasonic know for which daily life issues they would like to have a solution.

The exhibitions are situated on two floors, and projects change continually. A visit to RiSuPia is interesting for everyone who likes to see what the future has in store technology-wise. Both kids and adults will have a fun time exploring this free center for around 1.5 hours. So it makes for a great activity in Tokyo on a rainy day if you have a bit of time left.

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Panasonic Center Area Map

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