Seal in Maxell Aqua Park aquarium in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

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Maxell Aqua Park is an aquarium located in the Shinagawa area in Tokyo. There are many exhibitions of marine species and several rooms with special illuminations. This makes the aquarium more modern and visually attractive compared to many other aquariums.

Starfish in Maxell Aqua Park aquarium in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Aquarium Attractions

The park’s entrance is already an attraction in itself, as it is an artwork with images and live fish. The Jellyfish area looks like an area from outer space with its otherworldly lit-up displays in a dark room. It is surprisingly relaxing to walk around the space while watching the jellyfish slowly move in their tanks. The Wonder Tube is a walk-through tunnel from where you can see a large variety of sea life swim around including rare sawfish. The Aqua Jungle is a replica of a real-life jungle where you can observe various animals that live in jungle-type environments.

The Coral Cafe bar is a great place for a break and a drink. Because you can see all kinds of small sea life in not only the walls but also the standing tables. One of the best features is of course the Stadium. Here, you can see an amazing dolphin performance and light show.

Are you coming to Tokyo with kids, or are you interested in aquariums and digital art in general? The Maxell Aqua Park is a must-visit if you spend at least 3 days in Tokyo.

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Maxell Aqua Park Area Map

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