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The Tokyo Tower

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One of Tokyo’s symbols is the red-and-white Tokyo Tower, situated in the metropolis’ Daimon district. Its design is actually inspired by the Eiffel tower, and the reason it was built might surprise you. Learn more about this must-visit in Japan’s capital city!

Tokyo Tower in the twillight, Japan

Inside the Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is one of the highest constructions in Tokyo at 333m tall and is made out of steel. After WW2 ended, Japan was left with a lot of extra steel. So they used it to build the Tokyo Tower. The tower was built to broadcast radio signals. Boasting two observatories, you can admire the view from a 150m and 250m height. Adults pay 1200 yen to access the first one, and an additional 1800 yen to reach the second observation deck.

Tokyo Tower also has a Wax Museum, Mysterious Walking Zone, Trick Art Gallery, shopping arcades, and restaurants. But the most interesting side attraction is probably the Tokyo Tower Aquarium. This aquarium is home to an amazing 50,000 fish of 800 species. The tower is also located next to the Buddhist temple Zojoji.

Tokyo Tower is open all year round from 9 am to 10 pm. It can be accessed from multiple stations. Akabanebashi (Oedo line), Kamiyacho (Hibiya line), Onarimon (Mita line) are nearby. Also, the stations of Daimon (Asakusa & Oedo lines) and Hamamatsucho (JR/Tokyo Monorail) give good access.

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