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While Kumamoto prefecture on southern island Kyushu in Japan might not be a typical destination for international tourists, it has plenty to offer in terms of nature and history. Active volcano Mt. Aso is one of the region’s main attractions with its green hills and amazing views. In this travel guide, you can read what else there is to do in Kumamoto!

Kumamoto Castle gives you a peek into the lives and times of the samurai. Nearby Suizenji Jojuen Garden is one of the best landscape gardens in Japan. During the hot summer days, a visit to Shirakawa Springs will cool you right down. Train lovers will want to take a ride on the SI Hitoyoshi steam locomotive.

  • Kurokawa Onsen

    Kurokawa Onsen

    People flock to Kurokawa Onsen near Mt. Aso for one reason; to soak in natural hot springs with the best views. The location is secluded and a bit remote, which makes it easy to completely refresh yourself by just being in this small town for an overnight stay.

  • Josaien of Kumamoto Castle |  Travel Guide

    Josaien of Kumamoto Castle | Travel Guide

    Josaien was built to resemble a castle town of feudal time close to the Kumamoto Castle. The complex boasts a history museum, souvenir shops, and restaurants with local foods.

  • Kumamoto Castle Renovation | Travel Guide

    Kumamoto Castle Renovation | Travel Guide

    I’m a local guide who was born and raised in Kumamoto, which is located on Kyushu island in the southwest of Japan. In April 2016, a big earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit my hometown.

  • Mount Aso | Kumamoto Travel Guide

    Mount Aso | Kumamoto Travel Guide

    Mt Aso is the biggest active volcano in Japan and one of the largest calderas in the world. Some of the most unique views of the world can be seen when you hike in the environment of this mountain.

  • Kumamoto Castle

    Kumamoto Castle

    Kumamoto Castle is a Japanese castle located in Kumamoto City, the capital city of Kumamoto Prefecture. It is regarded as one of the three best castles in Japan together with Himeji and Nagoya castles.

  • Hanaoka Sake Brewery | Kumamoto Travel Guide

    Hanaoka Sake Brewery | Kumamoto Travel Guide

    After taking a bite, the gentle flowery flavor of the sake Hananoka burst in my mouth, just as the name is translated as ‘the fragrance of flowers’ in English.