Rurikoji Temple in Yamaguchi city, Japan


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While Yamaguchi prefecture in the southern part of Japan’s main island might not be a typical destination for international tourists, it has plenty to offer in terms of nature and history. The most famous sight in the area is the Kintaikyo Birdge in Iwakuni city. In this travel guide, you will see that there is more to discover in Yamaguchi.

Hagi is a city located in the north of Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Mōri clan became daimyo of the Chōshū Domain at the beginning of the Edo period and built Hagi Castle at the foot of Mt. Shizuki in 1608. Hagi yaki is a type of traditional Japanese pottery from the region.

  • Yamaguchi City

    Yamaguchi City

    Yamaguchi City is not a famous tourist destination, but there’s enough to see here. What would you think of a ride on a steam locomotive and a visit to some of the many historical temples?

  • Akiyoshidai & Akiyoshido Cave

    Akiyoshidai & Akiyoshido Cave

    The Akiyoshidai Plateau and Akiyoshi Cave are popular sightseeing spots for local tourists. The area is near Yamaguchi city, not so far from Hiroshima. Check out the pictures!

  • Hagi | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Hagi | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Hagi in western Japan is a nicely-preserved former castle town with traditional walls. Local Hagi pottery, ranked among Japan’s finest, makes for great souvenir shopping.

  • Iwakuni | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Iwakuni | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Near Miyajima and Hiroshima, there is another town that many foreign tourists don’t know of but is worth a detour. Iwakuni is famous for its beautiful bridge and castle.

  • Motonosumi Inari Shrine | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Motonosumi Inari Shrine | Yamaguchi Travel Guide

    Motonosumi Inari Jinja in Yamaguchi prefecture attracts a lot of tourists because of its scenic beauty; the torii gates with the cape in the background are an amazing view!