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The Best time to visit Japan

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The Best time to visit Japan
When do you want to travel to Japan ?

  • Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Japan

    Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Japan

    See what the cherry blossom forecast is for 2021, and enjoy some beautiful pictures of different types of sakura throughout Japan!

  • Spring in Japan

    Spring in Japan

    The most popular season to travel to Japan is spring as this season is spectacular in many ways.

  • Summer in Japan

    Summer in Japan

    While during wintertime people in Japan tend to stay indoors where it is cozy and warm and many of the streets are deserted or much more quiet than usual, summer is the liveliest season in the country of the rising sun.

  • Autumn in Japan

    Autumn in Japan

    The fall season is an underappreciated tourist season in Japan. After the worst of the summer heat and humidity disappears, it still stays pleasantly warm in the Japanese fall.

  • Winter in Japan

    Winter in Japan

    Although Japan welcomes most tourists in spring and summer, for those who are looking for a more quiet time and a different kind of experience, winter can be a great time to discover Japan.

  • Seasonal Flowers in Japan

    Seasonal Flowers in Japan

    Find out which flowers bloom when in Tokyo, and where to go to see the most stunning blooming flowers on your Japan tour in any season!

  • Hanami, a Cherry Blossom Viewing Party in Japan

    Hanami, a Cherry Blossom Viewing Party in Japan

    In Japan, a very important national tradition returns every year in the early spring. Everybody gets together outside, prepares a picnic mat under the blooming cherry trees (sakura trees), and shares food and drinks.

  • Fall Foliage in Japan

    Fall Foliage in Japan

    The period between early November to early December is a great time to come to Japan. You will see gorgeous panoramas that the changing leaves bring, and the tourist crowds are decidedly less compared to summer.

  • Rice Planting Season in Japan

    Rice Planting Season in Japan

    Around the end of May to early June, some people in Japan become a bit restless, and you might wonder why that is. It is because ‘taue’, the rice planting season, has started again!