Aoshima, a Beautiful Island surrounded by Blue and Green

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Those that come to Japan for its natural beauty besides the interesting culture, should make sure to include Kyushu in their itinerary. Beppu‘s volcanic ‘hells’, Mt. Aso‘s green volcano, and Yakushima‘s unique nature are just a few of Kyushu’s attractions. Aoshima is a small island near the southeastern coast of Kyushu in Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful blue and green ocean water. Its main claim to fame is a rare natural formation just of the island’s coast.

Aoshima in Miyazaki, Japan

The Devil’s Washboard

Make sure you come to Aoshima at the right time when the tide is low. This is the only time you will be able to see the natural formations called ‘Oni no sentaku ita‘ or ‘the Devil’s washboard’. The ridges that were formed by the ever-moving waves on the basalt rocks do indeed resemble a washboard. They look quite artificial because of the very straight lines that were formed.  Oni no sentaku ita is one of those spots you just have to take a picture of if you’ve traveled to Miyazaki.

Other Attractions of Aoshima

You might see a lot of happy couples heading to a shrine that is set amidst the jungle on Aoshima. This is Aoshima Jinja, a shrine that is supposed to bring luck to couples, and the amulets you can buy here are supposed to strengthen your bond. Also if you are single it is a good place to go, as you can buy an amulet that can help you on your way to your future partner. Even the previous Emperor and his wife have visited this spot, making it even more popular.

Beach lovers will also surely love this place, as there is a pretty white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Aoshima Beach Park is worth a stop of a few hours to cool off in the hot summer months. Flower lovers should check out Miyakoh Botanic Garden Aoshima, with over 200 species of plants growing there.

Your Japan Tour

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