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The Akan Mashu area in Hokkaido was formed by volcanic activity around 6000 years ago. Akan-Mashu National Park is especially known for its 3 beautiful lakes; Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, and Lake Kussharo. Notably, the lakes are renowned for their clarity. Iozan (a volcano with sulfurous vents) and Kawayu Onsen with very acidic waters are two other reasons to visit this large National Park.

Dancing cranes near Akan Mashu National Park in Hokkaido, Japan

A noteworthy natural phenomenon in Lake Akan is the marimo. This is a type of algae that forms into green balls that sometimes become as large as a soccer ball. Also, near the lake is a primeval forest that gives the land a wonderful scenic feel.

Snowshoe walks are a popular thing to do during the long winter season. It makes a nice combination with visiting one of the area’s hot springs. Visiting the Akan Mashu National Park is often done in conjunction with visiting nearby Kushiro. Here, you can watch one of Japan’s most famous birds, the red-crowned Japanese Cranes.

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Akan Mashu Area Map

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