Meeting Japan

Feed back of Japan tour

December of year 2018 was a lucky month for our family. Aside from having little preparation for our vacation in Japan, we got our tourist visawithout difficulties. Owing that to God, we said a special prayer to give thanks and asked guidance for a safe and happy vacation.Personally, I got excited with the thought of having a chance to fulfill a childhood dream and that is to see Mount Fuji. I was in grade school when I first heard about Mount Fuji as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Way back then, we also had a song that mentioned about Mount Fuji and it goes by drawing a bear. Remembering my happy days as a grade schooler made me smile.

It was all set. We took our flight. After a few hours of travel we got closer and closer to our destination. The descending altitude of our flight made us frantic. The captain made a smooth landing to the land of the rising sun. The immigration officer we dealt with was pleasant. He did not ask any question, we just handed our passports. The airport is big and in order, befitting to the high regards we have for the Japanese people. It’s Dec. 26, 2018, 11:00 pm. Hello, Nagoya-shi!

We stayed in Japan for a week and visited places like downtown Nagoya, Takayama, a glimpse of Mt. Fuji on our way to Tokyo. We were in awe every single day discovering the rich and interesting culture of Japan.

Computerized parking at the airport

The Nagoya airport parking is computerized, drivers can quickly see vacant parking spaces at the entrance. No time is wasted. Efficiency and innovation are observed. How I wish we have this at home.

Clean and wide road of Nagoya

We walked along the roads near Inae station many times as our housing is nearby. The cold temperature far from our common temperature in Manila did not prevent us to take a walk as frequent as we can. It was a happy experience to walk along with Japanese people. Some are walking and in a hurry going to their work. Some are young ones who are going to their classes. Some are oldies but still strong and enjoy walking down the street. Bike is very popular to them. Through our casual walks we saw how hard working and health buff Japanese are.

Beisia and Sports Depot near Inae station

Beisia became our snack station in Japan and Ramen is our favorite. Finally, we got the chance to taste authentic Ramen. We also bought our food and toiletries from this supermarket. At the Sports Depot, we got some good deals with shirts and rubber shoes. The storekeepers are pleasant in any way. We may not fully understand them with Nihongo language but their courteousness are very much felt.

The captivating sceneries in Takayama

We went to Takayama to see the snow and took the train from Nagoya station. The train was comfortable. The panoramic sceneries going to Takayama is an enjoyable experience. Everyone is wide awake seeing how beautiful Takayama is. It is gifted with the beauty of nature beyond words. Almost everyone shouted in joy when we saw snow pouring a few minutes before we reach the Takayama station. We took some pictures and ate our snack, then headed back to Nagoya for the New Year’s party.

The superb transportation system

Another manifestation of Japanese excellence is their transport system. They have the bullet train that runs almost as fast as an airplane. They have different types of train based on engine performance and people’s preference. They have various train lines. On the road, they have big and comfortable busses as well as engine-efficient cars that do not pollute the environment. I was in awe again.

The quiet nature of the Japanese

One of the best Japanese traits we admire is their quiet ways not wanting to disturb and not to burden others. They work silently and excellently. I believe this Japanese culture spare them from unnecessary troubles, make them cohesive as one a team and make them achieve their goals collectively.

A glimpse of Mt. Fuji

I got a glimpse of Mount Fuji when we travelled to Tokyo by car.Seeing Mt. Fuji is a childhood dream came true. I was mesmerized by the snow-capped mountain. The moment I saw Fuji-san, I uttered a simple prayer saying “.Thank you Lord for a dream come true”. I was teary-eyed.

The superior buildings and the busy streets of Tokyo

Tokyo mirrors how progressive Japan is. It is the modern side of Japan. You can see countless people walking along Shibuya crossing to reach their destination on time. By mere looking and observing, the infrastructures and buildings are of premium quality. The infrastructure of Tokyo describes Japanese excellence.

Green tea

Green tea became my favorite. It is refreshing and full of health benefits. Just before we left, Nagoya-shi, we bought some green tea from Beisia for home. Drinking tea is something I learned from the Japanese people.

Convenience store

Convenience store is everywhere in Japan. We also have them way back home. But in Japan they offer more goods and they have comfort rooms. In a nearby Family mart, we tasted Katsu that taste good and soft inside. While we are eating we saw a group of students on the other side doing task together. The way these young ones work is admirable. Such exercises promote group coherence. One great quality of Japanese people is that they work excellently as a group. I almost wanted to say to the group of children – “Keep it up young ones”.

Our vacation in Japan is enjoyable and a learning experience for us. Right before our eyes, we saw not just the beauty of Japan but the rich culture of Japanese people that made them successful and progressive as a nation. From then on we became a fan of Japanese people. Arigatou gozaimasu.

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