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Many people who travel to Tokyo don’t just want to only discover Japan’s traditional culture; they also want a taste of what modern Japan has to offer. Besides discovering Tokyo’s ‘nerdy’ areas like Akihabara and Nakano Broadway to see the sometimes slightly weird side of Japan, playing VR games is a great way to really experience Japan’s most modern tech in an immersive way. Some of the world’s greatest games, after all, were and are created in Japan by the likes of Nintendo and Sony, so what better way to enjoy the newest tech in Tokyo by diving into a few VR experiences?

VR travel guide Harajuku,Tokyo

VR Experiences in Joypolis in Odaiba

Artificial island Odaiba quickly became a bit of a playground for the younger city dwellers once it became properly inhabitable. If you go here during weekends you will find many young couples and families spending their free time in one of the large shopping malls or entertainment options like the beautiful teamLab exhibition, the small beach, Toyota Megaweb, and the many dining options.

Indoor attraction venue Joypolis in Odaiba is a must-do for anyone who loves amusement parks, video games, or both! This game ride paradise boasts attractions such as a giant swing in the shape of a halfpipe, a roller coaster during which you can shoot with lasers to get points, a car racing game in which your car really goes upside down, a super scary interactive ghost house, and much more. And indeed, there are multiple VR attractions here as well.

The best one is probably Zero Latency VR in which you can team up with up to 5 others to shoot zombies after the apocalypse. Not for the faint of heart! For this ride you have to reserve a spot in advance, so make sure to plan your visit. Then there is Tower Tag, in which you have to shoot your opponents and use in-game walls to dodge their bullets. Then not quite VR but very similar, there is also Pirate’s Plunder, a fun shooting game for the whole family. For the Zero Latency VR game, you have to be at least 13 years old, and for Tower Tag, you have to be 7 to be able to play.

Official website Joypolis

Official website Zero Latency VR

Tyffonium in Odaiba

The Tyffonium theater which is located near Joypolis and the gigantic Gundam statue that is also worth checking out is not so much a game, but it is more like a completely immersive movie ride, even more than the 4D movies you can see in the movie theaters these days. There are several titles to choose from, some of which are scary and some of which are good for all audiences. This is truly the entertainment of the future! The rides last for about 15 minutes each, which is more than enough for most people.

Official website Tyffonium

VR Park Tokyo Shibuya

Shibuya is heaven for teens and young 20-somethings, not only for the latest young fashion and the huge range of food options but also for VR games now that VR Park Tokyo Shibuya is here. You can find this amusement arcade on a higher floor of a fashion department store. The games are relatively short-lasting, but they are all good fun and you can try all of them for a relatively low price (around 3000 yen per person). Think about games in which you fly above a city, try walking on a narrow beam high up in the air while keeping your balance, shooting monsters in a haunted house, racing a car, and making a very real-feeling bungee jump.

NOTE; this VR attraction is closed at this moment due to COVID-19

Official website VR Park Tokyo Shibuya

An Aerial VR Experience in Ikebukuro

Formerly a slightly dodgy part of Tokyo, Ikebukuro has cleaned up nicely in the last 10 years and it became a treasure chest of all kinds of fun places to visit like Otome Road for some nerdy shopping, a butler’s cafe to be waited on by handsome guys, various animal cafes, and plenty of entertainment in multipurpose building Sunshine City.

This is also where ‘An Aerial VR Experience’ is located, on the top of the Sunshine City building in the Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory. The attraction has multiple rides for which you can pay separately (around 500 yen/ride), and all of them are exhilarating and make you feel as though you are flying through the sky. Only recommended for those who are not too prone to motion sickness!

NOTE; this VR attraction is closed at this moment due to COVID-19

Galaxy Harajuku in Harajuku

For lolita-style fashion and whatever it is that teens want to eat and drink now, Harajuku is your destination. Takeshita Dori might be a bit of a crowded and touristy street, it is still fun to walk through once to look around, and the many winding side streets in this small district are actually very charming. For a few years, there has been an extra reason to stop by this neighborhood; the free VR experience you can have at Galaxy Harajuku, the showroom of Samsung that displays their newest phones and other accessories. Samsung is also at the forefront of the development of VR game necessities, and they are happy to let you try them free of charge!

When you walk in you will first have to register in order to receive a Samsung phone that you can use during your time at the venue. The VR game is located on a higher floor, if it is not busy you can usually just join the next session and if it would be a bit more crowded you can sign in for a specific time. No worries, there is enough cool new tech to check out while you are there.

Japan Tour Package with VR Experiences

We offer group tours as well as individual private tours, and we have something for travelers with a wide range of interests. Our Anime day tour is great for younger travelers, and it includes many cool anime-related activities. Because it is a private tour, it is possible to also include a VR experience if you would like to try this. Please let us know when you are booking if you are interested in this.

Your Japan Tour

As seasoned Japan experts, we can help you create your perfect Japan tour including destinations like Tokyo where you will have the opportunity to try out the newest in terms of VR. Contact us to start planning your unforgettable holiday to this fascinating country full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, culture, history, nature, and delicious food!

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