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When the weather is getting cooler around November, one typical Japanese winter food is popping up in convenience stores around the country again. Usually located near the cashier, there is a metal box with hot soup and different kinds of food marinating in there. In this box, you will find oden, a popular comfort food in Japan.

The broth is made of dashi and soy sauce, and the main ingredients are very varied. Often-used ingredients are eggs, daikon radish, fish cake, konjac, and tofu. It’s a very comforting dish, and often enjoyed as a quick snack in the convenience store. Or street stalls or sitting down to eat it in a restaurant. But it is also often made at home to enjoy with the family.

So do you want to eat something new that you can likely not find in your home country while you are in Japan? give oden a try! It is not only delicious but healthy and low-calorie as well, so it is good for diet-conscious people too.

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