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If you book a tour package through us, in many cases the transfers to your hotel and back to the airport ( Haneda or Narita ) are included with your tour. If a transfer is not included in your package, if you would like to hire a charter minibus or van for a comfortable transfer to your hotel please let us know so we can assist you with that.


The Access Narita bus and Limousine bus services run between Narita, downtown Tokyo, and major hotels. Tickets cost between 1000 and 3000 yen per adult and can be bought online or on the bus from the driver. There are several routes depending on the final destination. The buses leave every 15-30 minutes, and it takes about 1.5 hours with normal traffic conditions to get to central Tokyo. You can use Google maps to find out which bus is most convenient for you to take.


There are two trains that you can take to get to central Tokyo, the Keisei Skyliner, and the JR Narita Express. Going by train is usually a bit faster than taking the bus, and might be your best option if traffic conditions on the road aren’t good or if you have a valid JR pass on your day of arrival or departure. The price is between 1500-3500 yen per adult, or free if you have a valid JR pass.

You can buy a ticket at the station, which is located in terminals 1 and 2. There are ticket machines and ticket counters, and the employees tend to speak enough English to be able to help you out. The disadvantage of taking the train is that it is inconvenient to go through the stations with your luggage and from the station to your hotel, so if the hotel is a bit of a walk away from the station still, you can opt to take a taxi for the remaining part.


Taxis are the most comfortable way of getting around, but also the most expensive. A one-way ride from Narita to a hotel in central Tokyo can easily set you back around 25,000 yen or more. No tipping is expected. Taxis are available on almost every street, at major hotels, near railway stations and of course at the airport.
You don’t need to touch the door when getting in or out of a taxi. The doors on taxi are operated by the driver with a remote lever. Many taxi drivers speak only Japanese, so it can be helpful to have your destination written in Japanese.

Baggage Delivery

Most residents of Japan take advantage of Japan’s fast and reliable home delivery network. After clearing immigration and customs, take your luggage to the ABC or QL liner counter in the main terminal. For about 1,800yen per bag, they will deliver the bag by the following day wherever you are.

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