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Japanese industries with strong brands

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After the end of WW2, the economy of Japan grew exponentially for a long time. What are the products that the industry in Japan became famous for?

A seaweed factory in Sado, Niigata, Japan. Seaweed production is a small part of industry in Japan

Industry in Japan

Much of Japan’s economic power is based on its industry, and automotive is one of Japan’s best-known industries all over the world. In 1998, Japan produced about 10.05 million cars, buses, and trucks, ranking second in the world in vehicle production. Many cars are produced with robots, which are complicated machines created to perform a specific function. They take care of routine tasks, leaving the staff free to devote themselves to more interesting tasks.

Almost half of the cars produced in Japan are for export, and many of them are now being produced in factories abroad. In addition, automobiles are only one type of transportation equipment that Japan exports.

Japan is also famous for the quality of its electrical equipment and for its electronics industry. Some of the most popular products are televisions, VCRs, cameras, video games, and consoles.

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