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Are you going to Okinawa Main Island in Japan? And do you like adventure and being active outdoors? Then you should definitely make a reservation for a run through the Forest Adventure course in Onna. We tried it out, and it was exciting and more challenging than we thought it would be!


Forest Adventure in Onna

What is Forest Adventure? You could say that it is similar to a large jungle gym for bigger kids and adults. Weather circumstances permitting, you will pass through two separate parts. The first part mainly consists of ziplines and rope bridges, and the second part is where it gets harder. Here, you will even make a short free fall on the Tarzan swing! Forest Adventure is perfect if you like to challenge yourself a bit and are not afraid of heights.

Forest Adventure is located in the middle of the island, in Onna village. It is not far from the Maeda Flats and the Blue Cave. So if you plan your day well you will be able to go to Forest Adventure and one of the island’s best snorkeling spots on the same day.

Practical Tips for Your Visit

You can make a reservation on their website (English available). It is recommended to make a reservation, as the activity is popular and often fills up. Especially during weekends, they tend to be fully booked. US military residents really love the Forest Adventure, so even off-season it gets busy.

You should wear comfortable clothes, long sleeves and pants are recommended. Shoes should be flat, sneakers are perfect. It is OK to wear glasses during the activity. Long nails aren’t practical during the course.

The current price is 3800 yen per person, which is not much if you consider that you will be having around 2-2.5 hours of constant fun. Please be aware that kids under 140 cm can’t participate for safety reasons, and they will check height in case of doubt. The upper weight limit is 130 kg.

You should leave most of your luggage in your car, just bring your phone, cash to pay for your entrance, and a drink. You can borrow a small shoulder bag with a zipper from the front desk to keep your small valuables and phone. You’re allowed to take pictures and videos during the course.

Our Experience in Forest Adventure Onna

We went to Forest Adventure in April 2021, on an overcast day with a very light drizzle. All parts of the course were operating. When we arrived at their parking lot next to the main road, a driver came to pick us up with a minibus. We had to fill in some forms and were driven up the hill for about 5 minutes. After checking in, we were suited up with a harness that you will wear for the rest of your visit. This is why it is recommended to make a toilet stop before being harnessed up. We only took our phone with us and left our drinks at the open baggage space because it was easier to move that way.

Active ziplining in Forest Adventure Onna, Okinawa, Japan

Our group consisted of 10 people in total. After everyone got their harness, we got clear instructions and a demonstration of how the system worked. The language of instruction was Japanese, but a simple and short English explanation followed. It looked a bit difficult at first as you have to attach yourself at 2 or 3 points at all times, but after trying it out it became easier. Especially after having tried a few times, it was logical and simple.

Zip Line Time!

After climbing up a rope ladder and doing our first short trial zip line descends, we were released onto the course. The park’s employees are supervising a few of the landing points, but you will mostly be on your own, which only adds to the adventurous feeling. But I have to admit, the first time flying on the zipline was quite scary!

Rope bridge in Forest Adventure Onna, Okinawa, Japan

There are 9 ‘obstacles’ on the first part of the course, most of which are zip lines and some of which are rope bridges. All of them are a bit different, and they mostly differ on the way you climb up them. Some are ladders, some are small pegs of wood, and there is a bouldering wall. The last one is definitely the scariest one, as it starts high up and is the longest zipline of the course.

Along the way, we thoroughly enjoyed the green scenery and nice views of the ocean in the distance.

Forest Adventure : Level Up!

The second part of the course was physically more challenging. It starts off super exciting with a large Tarzan swing where you have to jump into a large net. It’s pretty scary to just jump off a tower that’s around 10 meters high, but the feeling is exhilarating once you’ve done it. After you make the jump, the most difficult part of the course is waiting for you. That’s the bridge with small poles to walk over that don’t give much stability. After that, there are a few more bridges to cross with varying levels of difficulty.

Tarzan swing in Forest Adventure Onna, Okinawa, Japan

You will finish just the way you started, with one last zip line. It took our group 3 hours to finish the course, this was mainly due to one of the other guest’s reluctance to make the jump at the Tarzan swing. Normally, you’re supposed to be able to finish within 2.5 hours or even faster. At the end of the course, you end up at the check-in counter again. You will be picked up by the driver and dropped off at the parking lot.

Afterward, we were definitely tired but in a good way. We really felt like we had a good workout! If you like to have active experiences on your trips, Forest Adventure will be right up your alley. There are many other branches of Forest Adventure in Japan that can be found on their website. The original park is French and is called Foret Aventure.

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