Colorful decorations for the Tanabata Festival in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan


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While Miyagi prefecture in the northeastern part of Japan’s main island might not be a typical destination for international tourists, it is an interesting destination for those who love nature and for tourists who are interested in the region’s recovery after the March 2011 earthquake that devastated parts of the region. In this travel guide, you can see that there are beautiful things to discover in the area.

One of Japan’s three most scenic views is in Miyagi, in the form of Matsushima Island. Visitors can enjoy this beautiful bay area with over 200 tiny islands that are covered with pine trees. Check out our package tour in the Tohoku region if you are interested in discovering the area!

  • Sendai City | Miyagi Travel Guide

    Sendai City | Miyagi Travel Guide

    While Sendai might not feature on most international tourists’ itinerary, if you have enough time in Japan or are not a first-timer, the city is nice stop for those who are interested in history and culture.

  • Matsushima and Naruko Onsen | Miyagi Travel Guide

    Matsushima and Naruko Onsen | Miyagi Travel Guide

    Matsushima near Sendai on the northern Pacific coast, is considered one of the three most scenic spots in Japan while still being off the beaten path. Just a one-hour train ride away is resort town Naruko Onsen.