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Don’t say ‘kekko’ before you’ve seen Nikko (don’t say ‘I’m good’ until you’ve seen Nikko) is Nikko’s slogan for good reasons; one of Japan’s most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be found here. The ancient Shinto shrines, mausoleums, and Buddhist temples are incredibly impressive, and the surrounding countryside is wonderful for hiking. This is our travel guide to give you some ideas on what to see in the area.

Furthermore, Togichi prefecture, in which Nikko is situated, boasts good natural hot springs and ski resorts. It is also known for producing good sake, so you can imagine why the area makes for a good trip destination in Japan.

  • Nikko Edo Wonderland

    Nikko Edo Wonderland

    In the prefecture of Tochigi, there is a place where time travel becomes possible … Come and enjoy samurai, oiran, and more in theme park Edo Wonderland!

  • Nikko Toshogu Shrine

    Nikko Toshogu Shrine

    The Toshogu is Nikko’s most famous landmark. The impressive shrine is the mausoleum of the first Tokugawa shogun, and one of the most beautiful examples of Japanese architecture in the country.

  • Nikko


    One of the most popular day trips from Tokyo is Nikko. A 2-hour train ride away, this village is rich in World Heritage Sites including the famous Toshogu shrine. What should you not miss in Nikko?

  • Nikko Futarasan Shrine

    Nikko Futarasan Shrine

    The Futurasan shrine in Nikko is not as famous as its neighbor Toshogu, but it is definitely worth a stop. It is a great place to appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings.

  • Nikko Taiyuin Tokugawa Mausoleum

    Nikko Taiyuin Tokugawa Mausoleum

    The grave of the third shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu is located in Nikko. It is a colorful temple with beautiful details in the woodwork and quiet surroundings, and very much worth checking out.

  • Twin Ring Motegi

    Twin Ring Motegi

    In Twin Ring Motegi you can drive karts, have your kids try out various small-sized vehicles, and visit the on-site museum. It is a must-see for anyone who loves cars.

  • Ashikaga Flower Park

    Ashikaga Flower Park

    The Ashikaga Flower Park has wisteria trees that are 130 years old, and in spring the flowers are at their best. This gorgeous park is very popular with visitors from all over Japan.