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There are so many temples and shrines in Tokyo that it is difficult to choose which ones to visit on your trip to Tokyo. Read this travel guide with a list of the most famous and interesting temples and shrines in Tokyo to help you decide where to go.

  • The Meiji Shrine

    The Meiji Shrine

    Near the areas of ​​Shibuya and Harajuku is the famous Meiji Jingu, where the souls of Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken are venerated. Today it is one of the most important tourist spots in Tokyo, attracting thousands of tourists from early in the morning.

  • Asakusa Sensoji Temple | Tokyo

    Asakusa Sensoji Temple | Tokyo

    Sensoji temple is one of the top tourist spots in Tokyo, which is no wonder as the temple has a long and interesting history and wonderful traditional architecture.

  • Nezu Shrine | Tokyo

    Nezu Shrine | Tokyo

    Nezu shrine from 1705 has the oldest surviving Shinto shrine building in Tokyo. Having survived the war, it is considered a heritage of high cultural importance. In spring, there are gorgeous flowers in the grounds.

  • Zojoji Temple | Tokyo

    Zojoji Temple | Tokyo

    This former family temple of the Tokugawa clan is a must-see if you are in the area. There is an impressive garden with a large number of jizo statues, and daily Buddhist ceremonies are held.

  • Gotokuji Temple | Tokyo

    Gotokuji Temple | Tokyo

    Gotokuji is a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. What sets this temple apart from the rest are the thousands of small cat statues that you can find here. What’s the story behind these cats?

  • Yasukuni Shrine | Tokyo

    Yasukuni Shrine | Tokyo

    The Yasukuni shrine is considered one of the most important shrines in Japan. It is also a controversial shrine because this is where Japan’s war dead are honored. Learn more about the shrine and its controverse.

  • Tokyo Daijingu Love Shrine

    Tokyo Daijingu Love Shrine

    Are you unlucky in the area of ​​love? Then you should consider a visit to the Tokyo Daijingu Shrine. This shrine, which has a connection with the Goddess of the Sun, is supposed to help you find your true connection.

  • Shinobazunoike Bentendo Ueno | Tokyo Travel Guide

    Shinobazunoike Bentendo Ueno | Tokyo Travel Guide

    In Tokyo you can find endless wonderful places of historical and current nature. One of them is Ueno Park, famous for its cherry blossoms in spring. The Bentendo temple and Shinobazunoike lake are interesting landmarks here.