Mt Fuji and Chureito Pagoda with cherry blossoms in spring in Kawaguchiko, Japan

Mount Fuji

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Mt Fuji is one of the most famous symbols of Japan, and it is one of the most beautiful vistas that you will get on your Japan trip. While climbing Fujisan is only possible in the summer, enjoying views of the majestic mountain is possible year-round (weather permitting) and actually best done in winter when the air is clear. This travel guide will help you on your way if you want to enjoy Mt Fuji!

During the spring season, there is a gorgeous flower festival nearby, and when the cherry blossoms bloom you can take world-class photos in the area. Mt Fuji is not far away from Tokyo and can be visited on a day trip to Kawaguchiko, the travel time from Shinjuku is only around 2 hours one-way.

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