Traditional house in Mikazukimura, Gunma, Japan


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Not too far away from Tokyo, you can find the nature and hot spring paradise of Gunma. Many people who live in Tokyo go to Gunma when they want to take a short break from the city. You can find many famous onsen resorts in Gunma like Kusatsu, Ikaho, Minakami, and more. Winter is the most popular time to go to the onsen, and in the summer it is a great place to go to cool down in one of the rivers and to go camping near the riverside. Read this travel guide for more tips!

Sericulture (silk) used to be Gunma’s main industry, and for those looking to learn more about the prefecture’s past, it is interesting to visit the Tomioka Silk Mill and other industrial heritage that is connected to the silk industry. Nowadays, Gunma’s main export products are konjac and dairy.

  • Mikazukimura Historical Theme Park

    Mikazukimura Historical Theme Park

    Mikazukimura is a historical theme park located in Yabuzuka-machi, Ota city of Gunma prefecture. In this park, you can feel the atmosphere of a village in the Edo period.

  • Kanayama Castle Ruins

    Kanayama Castle Ruins

    If you are interested in Japanese history and off the beaten track locations, the Kanayama Castle Ruins are a good place to visit. Learn more about the site’s long history.

  • Kanmuri Inari Shrine

    Kanmuri Inari Shrine

    While Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Taisha with the many red torii gates is the most famous shrine in Japan, visiting the Kanmuri Inari shrine in Gunma will give you a more intimate experience.

  • Kusatsu Hot Spring

    Kusatsu Hot Spring

    The town of Kusatsu in Gunma became well known about 120 years ago after Dr. Balz from Germany, found its hot spring to be very effective against all kinds of ailments.

  • Ota City Pilgrimage near Tokyo

    Ota City Pilgrimage near Tokyo

    Are you looking for a short pilgrimage to insert some more luck into your life? In Ota City near Tokyo, there is a route where you can do just that!